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By using Dentiscope, you understand that:

  • This is a non-profit project established by the founders, purely with the intention of relaying knowledge to dental students and young dentists around the world.

  • None of the contents should be sold, replicated or translated without prior formal and written consent from the team.

  • This is NOT a substitute for medical resources and formal education.


Limitation of liability:

There may be mistakes in the published content, although it will be reviewed thoroughly before publication. It should be noted that peer-to-peer learning methods are very helpful as learning tools but their limitations should be kept in mind as it relies on the students own experience and understanding of the topic.


Information posted is all believed to be accurate and useful at the time of posting. All efforts have been made to review content thoroughly. Before performing any procedure, or applying any of the knowledge we have supplied, we recommend and stress that you refer to certified specialists and recent medical literature for accurate evidence. Neither Dentiscope, the content writers, content reviewers or editors can accept any legal liability or responsibility for any errors made. Your reliance on any content from Dentiscope is at your own risk.





  • All trademarks and logos are under the rightful ownership of the team of Dentiscope



  • All copyrights are respected, for any comments or complaints on any of the references used, please contact the team on the email provided.


By submitting your content on Dentiscope you agree that:

  • You will be recognized as the content writer by name as long as your contribution remains on Dentiscope

  • Your content will be displayed on the Dentiscope website and other forms of social media including (but not limited to): Instagram, twitter and youtube.


You’ve allowed Dentiscope a loyalty free license to edit, publish, and publicly display your contribution. You’ve also allowed Dentiscope to reformat and use your material as best as we see appropriate.


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